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11/18/2019: Canvas Community Feedback Recommendations

Florida State University understands that there is room for improvement within Canvas. Listed here are some notable ideas being proposed for Canvas integration. Please browse through each idea, and Vote Up if you feel it will be of use for teaching purposes.

  • New Quizzes: Check IP first; if not listed then check Access code
    Proposes that Canvas creates an alternative to access codes that checks the IP address and prompts for an access code only if the IP address isn't listed as an authorized proctor. 
  • Individual rubric for each quiz
    Allows instructors to attach individual rubrics for essay questions in a Canvas quiz. 
  • Sort list for attendance
    Proposes that Canvas uses a consistent sort order for the List View and Class View when using the attendance tool.
  • Mass delete Assignment
    Allows users to delete multiple assignments at one time.

Also, take a moment to review the previous recommendation list.

Keep checking in! There are always many ideas ready for voting.
— FSU ODL Technical Support

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  • 18-Nov-2019