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Blackboard Collaborate is a "webinar"-type tool primarily designed for synchronous interaction with students via voice, chat, video, whiteboard, desktop sharing, and group web tours. You can create breakout rooms for groups during a session, conduct quizzes and polls, and record sessions for students to review on their own time. Collaborate Ultra is a powerful and contemporary alternative and does not require your students to download and install any additional software. View this three-minute overview to see the main features of Collaborate Ultra in a nutshell.

If you wish to use Collaborate in your Canvas course site or development site, please complete the Canvas External App Request Form

Why use it?

  • Take virtual field trips with students: Bring in guest speakers or tour remote locations that may be hard for students to visit in person.
  • Hold breakout sessions for group collaboration outside the classroom.
  • Conduct live virtual office hours to coach or tutor students in the use of online resources like databases and computer applications.
  • Archive information sessions so that students can access them as often as they want.

Keep in mind:

  • At this time, Collaborate is available only for fully online courses at FSU.
  • Prepare slides and other canned materials well in advance.
  • Consider having someone help moderate the session and field questions, especially with large groups.
  • Hold practice sessions to make sure you and your students are comfortable with the system setup and the range of tools available in Collaborate.

Additional Features

  • Built-in teleconference and VoIP options
  • Guest participant access
  • Both private and public chat
  • Scheduled sessions
  • ADA compliance

Best Practices

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