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Students: Make sure you are seeing the right grades in Canvas!

You're probably familiar with checking your grades for a current course in Canvas, but did you know that you might not be seeing an accurate calculation of your final grade when you check your grades at the end of the semester?

In order to get an accurate view of your final grade towards the end of the semester, make sure to uncheck the Calculate based only on graded assignments checkbox:

You may also be seeing icons and colors when you view your grades. Learn what these grade icons and colors mean.

Please note: Your instructor has the option to restrict your ability to view your total grade in Canvas. If your instructor has enabled this restriction, then you will see "Calculation of totals has been disabled" in the top right of the Grades page:

In this case, you may need to contact your instructor to verify your standing in the class.

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  • 11-Jun-2019