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How to edit and publish Kaltura media you do not own (through Collaborator access)
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Other instructors can add you as a Collaborator on one of their Kaltura media uploads. Once this is done, you are able to publish this media file within your course's Media Gallery or embed it in a Canvas page as if it were your own. By default, videos for which you have Collaborator status will show up in your My Media page along with videos you own. The owner of the video is displayed on the right side of the video thumbnail within the My Media interface.

Shot of Kaltura videos within a My Media page with two different owners

Editing and publishing these videos is an identical process to editing your own Kaltura videos and publishing your own Kaltura videos.

Using Filters with Collaborative Kaltura Videos

When embedding a Kaltura video on a page or adding media to a course's Media Gallery, you can use Kaltura's different filters to sort media according to different characteristics. This can assist you in locating the exact video you are looking to share.

  1. Use the Embed Kaltura Media button within the Rich Content Editor, or add a media file to a course's Media Gallery.
  2. This will take you to a screen where you can browse through your Kaltura gallery. Click the Filters button on the left side of the screen.
  3. This will expand the screen to reveal a variety of filters that are available for use.
    Image of the various filters available for browsing through Kaltura
  4. These filters will sort your My Media videos based on what sorts of permissions you have for each video. We will focus on the "Ownership" filters for this particular example. Below are examples of their use:
    • Any Owner: Displays all videos you have access to within Kaltura
    • Media I Own: Displays all videos you currently own
    • Media I Can Edit: Displays other users' videos that you can edit
    • Media I Can View: Displays other users' videos that you can view within Kaltura
    • Media I Can Publish: Displays other users' videos that you can publish to Canvas
  5. Use of these filters can help you better navigate Kaltura and stay organized when adding media to pages on Canvas.
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