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Students: Why is my weighted group total out of 200% instead of 100%?

While looking at your grades, if your weighted group total reads 200% rather than 100%, that means your instructor has implemented an extra credit grade column in your course.

In a weighted grade course structure, that extra 100% allows your instructor to add or subtract percentage points directly to or from your final grade total.  If your "Extra Credit Total" reads 2%, then you received 2% added onto your final grade, and so forth.  Your instructor can deduct percentage points by using negative scores, and they can use fractions of percentage points by using decimals.

Do not be alarmed by the weighted group total of 200%: The course is still out of the normal 100%, and this only allows your instructor to manipulate grades as they have described in their syllabus or in class.

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  • 31-Jul-2018