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How to set up your course Grading Scheme
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It is important that you enable and accurately implement a Grading Scheme in your Canvas course that matches the information you provide in your course syllabus. This is crucial because if your Canvas course grading scheme is not accurate, then your students will see a different final grade calculation in Canvas than the grade that they will see in myFSU after final grades have been submitted. In addition to this, if you intend to use the FSU Final Grade Upload Tool to transfer final grades from Canvas to the Faculty Center for final grade submission, then an incorrect grading scheme will mean that your final grades will be inaccurate.

If for any reason you suspect that your total column in Canvas will not match the final grade you submit in the Faculty Center, then we recommend that you hide the total column from your students' view and communicate to your students that they will not be seeing their final grade posted in Canvas.

Some reasons that there could be a discrepancy between Canvas final grades and Faculty Center final grades include:

These are the only appropriate reasons for a discrepancy between Canvas total column values and the final grade submitted in the Faculty Center. Please contact ODL Technical Support for assistance resolving any Canvas Gradebook concerns and errors - we are here to help!

How to set up your course Grading Scheme

  1. Click into your course site.
  2. Select Settings on your course navigation menu on the left.
  3. Make sure that you are on the Course Details tab at the top of the page. Scroll down to the "Grading Scheme" option and click the View/Edit button that appears just next to the "Enable course grading scheme" check box.
  4. A pop-up window will appear showing the default FSU grading scheme values. The actions you take now depend on whether these grading scheme values match your course syllabus.
    If these values ARE accurate for your course: Skip to step #10.
    If these values ARE NOT accurate for your course: Continue to step 5.
  5. Close the pop-up window. Select Manage All Grading Schemes.
  6. Press the New Grading Scheme button in the upper right to create your own custom grading scheme.
  7. Name your grading scheme (yellow in the image below) and configure the percentage ranges to match what you have in your syllabus. If you need to add additional rows, select the + icon on the right where you wish to place the new row (blue in the image below). If you wish to remove rows, select the x icon on the right for the specific row you want to remove (green in the image below). You can use decimals in your grading scheme if you want to round up (e.g., 92.5 becomes an A). Press the Save button after configuring your grading scheme (red in the image below).
  8. Navigate back to your course settings. Click Settings on the course navigation menu, and then scroll down to the "grading scheme" area.
  9. Select the desired grading scheme from the Grading Scheme: dropdown menu.
  10. Scroll down to the bottom of your course settings page and press the garnet Update Course Details button.
## WARNING DO NOT uncheck the "Enable course grading scheme" checkbox and then click the "Update Course Details" button at the bottom of the course settings page. If you do this, the grading scheme will default back to the standard FSU grading scheme. You will have to re-apply your customized grading scheme (steps 7-9 above).

If you choose to use Canvas's course copy option to copy your course content for next semester, your customized grading scheme will be brought over to your new course site (and applied as the default scheme) so you should not have to complete these steps again.

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