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How to download a transcript from Kaltura

When you use Kaltura to add multimedia to your course, Kaltura automatically captions your video or audio recordings for you. However, these automatic captions are not always correct, so we recommend that you double-check your captions. Kaltura will also automatically create a transcript for you from those automatic captions. To view your transcript, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to My Media.
  2. Locate the video whose transcript you want to download. You can do this by scrolling down on the page, or by pressing the grey Filters button and using one of the filtering options to narrow down the number of videos that display on your My Media page. You can also click search my media at the top of the page to use the search bar to locate your video.
  3. Click on your video's title.
  4. Below the video preview, click the blue Details button. Then, select Attachments.
  5. You should see a "transcript_en.txt" file name listed. Use the scrollbar located below the attachment list to scroll all the way to the right.
  6. Click on the download icon that corresponds to the "transcript_en.txt" file.
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  • 03-Feb-2021