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Students: How to submit to a Career Portfolio Canvas assignment

You will need to complete your work in the FSU Career Portfolio system, and then submit the assignment in Canvas using the instructions below. If you run into any difficulties while creating your portfolio, you can refer to the Career Portfolio's User GuideCareer Portfolio Tutorials offered in powerpoint format, and the Career Portfolio Troubleshooting page.

Once you have completed your FSU Career Portfolio, you will use the "Share" function to submit the assignment.
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  1. On the Home screen, click on the name of the portfolio.
  2. Click Share.
  3. Create an Access Password/Key. The Access Password can only be one word, with no special characters. Be sure to click Save.
  4. The Access Password will then show up in the "Send Portfolio & View Access Details" section.
  5. Click on Get shareable link.

  6. Copy the URL and paste this into the Assignment in Canvas to submit your FSU Career Portfolio.
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  • 27-Jul-2018