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Instructors: How to activate your Kaltura account in Canvas

Kaltura, our premier video upload service integrated with Canvas, isn't automatically available to new users. But fear not: it's available to everyone after a few simple steps! Listed below are two ways you can activate your account and get started using Kaltura:

Authorize Kaltura from the Canvas Help menu

    1. Go to the Help menu at the bottom of the global navigation menu. From the help pullout menu select the Instructors: My Media (Kaltura) option.

    2. Click the garnet Authorize button to authorize your account.

Authorize Kaltura from within one of your course sites

      1. Enable the My Media course navigation link from the settings menu. For more information on how to enable course navigation links in Canvas please see How do I manage Course Navigation links?
      2. Click the My Media course navigation link.
      3. You will be prompted to authorize Kaltura. Click the garnet Authorize button.

Now that you have activated your account in Kaltura, please see our What is Kaltura? article for a Kaltura overview complete with a full list of resources to get you started.

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  • 01-Oct-2018