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Kaltura Personal Capture Overview

Attention Mac users: Full compatibility with the new MacOS 10.15 here!

What is Personal Capture?

Kaltura's Personal Capture recording option is the tool that replaced the CaptureSpace tool. But good news: Personal Capture is super easy to use!

Here's a brief overview video of how Personal Capture works:

Why use Personal Capture?

Keep in mind

  • If you are using a laptop with a built-in webcam and built-in microphone, Kaltura Personal Capture may not work as intended if your device drivers are out of date. We recommend checking that your drivers are current: Windows 10, Windows 7, Apple OS
  • Once you have started your recording you cannot change your recording configuration mid-recording. E.g., If you start a camera and screen recording, you cannot switch to recording audio only in the same recording session. You would need to create two separate media items: the camera and screen recording, and the audio-only recording.
  • Capturing system audio during screen recordings is only possible for Windows operating systems at this time.

Install Personal Capture on your computer to get started today!

Getting Started

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  • 17-Mar-2020