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How to add chapters and slides to a Kaltura video

Using Kaltura videos to deliver your course lectures and other video content is a great way to communicate key concepts and course objectives to your students. Using chapters and slides in these videos makes them even more helpful for students.

Why use chapters?

Chapters function like headings or bookmarks; they allow your students to easily locate and jump to specific parts of your videos. The biggest advantage of using chapters is that it makes it easier for your students to use videos to review important course content and zero in on important concepts that they may find difficult. Adding a clear structure to your course videos can help facilitate a clear understanding of the materials and concepts covered in those videos.

Why use slides?

Slides in a Kaltura video allow your students to view both the video content and PowerPoint slides at the same time. This offers them a more holistic learning experience by presenting two sources of information together in context. This could be compared to attending a lecture in person with the PowerPoint slides projected on a screen - the attendee is able to see and hear the lecturer and view the PowerPoint slides at the same time. Using slides in your Kaltura video is the virtual, asynchronous equivalent of this experience.

Whether you use chapters and slides separately or in combination, these features can make your Kaltura videos more informative and engaging for your learners.

How do I get started?

There are two options:

  1. Use Kaltura Capture to create your videos.
    If you create your videos using Kaltura Capture, Kaltura's media creation software, then slides will be automatically created for your video as part of the media creation process. This is ideal if you are creating a brand new video. To learn more, see this guide to recording a presentation in Kaltura Capture.
  2. Add your chapters and/or slides to your video after uploading the video into Kaltura.
    You can manually upload PowerPoint presentations and PDFs to your videos through Kaltura's online media editor. These PowerPoint presentations and PDFs that you manually upload can then be used as slides within your Kaltura videos. If you wish to add chapters and/or slides to your existing Kaltura videos, then you will need to use this method. To learn more, see this step-by-step guide to creating, editing, and deleting chapters and slides. The video below also shows how to use Kaltura's online media editor to add chapters and slides to your videos.
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  • 29-Jan-2020