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Viewing attendance reports for Zoom meetings

Zoom offers you the ability to get some very basic attendance information for each of your meetings.

Zoom has permanently removed its attention tracking tool

Due to privacy and security concerns, this feature has been discontinued. However, you can still access attendance reports both within Canvas and within your individual FSU Zoom account.

Accessing attendance reports within Canvas

This option is available if you are using the Canvas integration of Zoom. If you have opted to bypass the Canvas integration, please see our directions for accessing attendance reports outside of Canvas.

  1. In your course site, Select the Zoom on your course navigation menu.
  2. Selec the Previous Meetings tab.
  3. Find the respective meeting and click Report.
  4. From the Attendance Report, you have the ability to view users' session information, and download a copy of the report to a CSV file by clicking Export as CSV File.

Accessing attendance reports outside of Canvas

  1. Sign into your personal FSU Zoom account at
  2. Select Reports from the navigation menu on the left.
  3. Click Usage.
  4. Click the blue, hyperlinked number under the Participants column.
  5. You will now see your meeting's attendance report. If you wish, you can press the blue Export button to save this information to your device.
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  • 10-Apr-2020