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Students: Using Kaltura's transcripts to study more efficiently

Kaltura videos include automatically-generated, dynamic transcripts that contain the speech from the videos. These transcripts can be a useful resource when studying and are able to be downloaded and used by students. This article will show you how to use these transcripts to help you study more effectively.

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How to search through transcripts for specific text

All Kaltura videos available through Florida State University provide a search bar function to enable you to parse through a video's transcripts to find a desired sentence or phrase.

  1. Locate the search bar in the Kaltura video's interface. It will be directly below the Play/Pause and Volume controls.
    Location of search bar within Kaltura video player.
  2. Type your search term into the text field of the search bar.
    Example of search bar within Kaltura video player.
  3. Locate the results of your search within the transcript field below the search bar. Search results will be highlighted in yellow.

How to download transcripts as a text file

Kaltura also offers the ability to download the transcripts as a text (.txt) file.

  1. Locate the download button within the Kaltura video's interface. It will be directly below and to the left of the Closed Captioning and Playback Speed buttons. Click the download button.
    Location of download button within Kaltura video player.
  2. Clicking the download button will open a prompt which will ask if you would like to open the .txt file with a certain program or save it. Select the Save File option and then select OK.
    Example of download screen for Kaltura transcript text file on PC.
  3. Check your browser's Downloads folder for the transcript file, which is named "transcript.txt" by default. You can open the file and copy and paste the transcript text into a Word document or similar file from here.
    Example of Kaltura transcript text export file.

How to print transcripts and/or download them as a PDF

Kaltura also provides you the ability to directly print the transcript of the video in question. This ability also allows you to create a .PDF file of the transcript for later reading and sharing.

  1. Locate and click the Print button in the Kaltura interface. This button is just to the right of the Download button and below the Closed Caption button.
    Location of Print button within Kaltura video player.
  2. This command will present you with a preview of the file to be printed (1) as well as a standard print menu (PC version shown here). Choose your desired printer from the selection menu (2) and click Print (3) to begin printing your transcript. Learn more about printer selection on Macs.
    Example of textual preview and print menu for printing a Kaltura transcript.
  3. You can also opt to save your transcript as a .PDF file. To do so, click the Print button in the Kaltura video's interface as before. When you go to select a printer, click the Microsoft Print to PDF (1) option if you are on Windows. Click Print (2).
    Example of a print menu using Print to PDF as the selected option.
  4. From here, you will be prompted to input both a location (1) and a name (2) for your saved PDF. Specify these items and click Save As (3) to save your transcripts as a PDF. This process is different for Mac users. Learn more about Printing to PDF on Mac.
    Example of the Save menu for a Print to PDF option.

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