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Kaltura Express Capture Overview

What is Express Capture?

Kaltura Express Capture is a pared-down, quick-recording option that you can use with the click of a button. It allows you to record video directly within your internet browser using your webcam and microphone. After recording and saving your video, it will be uploaded into your My Media page without needing to install any additional programs or hardware. In short, this is a "click and shoot" simplified option compared to Kaltura's Personal Capture tool.

Why use Express Capture?

  • Super easy to use - literally just a click of a button! Express Capture runs entirely within your internet browser and does not require you to install additional software on your computer. All you need to get started is a webcam and a microphone.
  • Easily add slides to recordings you have saved. You can add slides to a video created with Express Capture after you have saved it to your My Media page.
  • Streamlined sharing: Recordings are automatically added to your personal My Media Kaltura page when you save them, so it is easy to share your recordings in Canvas.
  • Automatically generated closed captions, just like for all videos created using Kaltura tools or uploaded to Kaltura. These captions can be edited to increase their accuracy.

Some ways to use Express Capture in your Canvas course:

  • Short lectures (20 minutes or less) that can be shared via Canvas Pages or the Course Media Gallery.
  • Course announcements can be made into more engaging multimedia experiences. We recommend keeping the video to 5 minutes or less if you are using it as a video announcement.
  • Facilitate video-based discussions: Use Canvas's built-in Discussions tool and have students create short videos using Express Capture, then embed their video into their discussion post.
  • Media-based assignments: Have students use Express Capture for any assignments requiring recorded commentary or recording in-person video interviews.


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