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How to use a text file to get more accurate captions in Kaltura

Kaltura now offers a way to help increase the accuracy of your captions. If you have created a video recording using a script, you can save your script as a text file (.txt) and then upload it to your Kaltura video. Kaltura will then align the content of your text file with the video and provide a caption file (SRT/DFXP). Follow these steps to upload your text file into your Kaltura video.

  1. Navigate to your Kaltura My Media page in Canvas.
  2. Locate the desired media item and click on its title.
  3. On your media item's details page, click on the Actions drop down menu, and select Caption & Enrich.
    (Click image below to enlarge it)
  4. You will see that the Captions and Enrichment Services interface is divided into two sections: Existing Requests displays your existing captions for the media item, and below it is the Order Captions and Enrichment Services section.

    If you do not have any existing caption requests then a "no requests were found" message will display instead with Order Captions and Enrichment Services section below it.
  5. Scroll down to the Order Captions and Enrichment Services section. Here you will select your options your captions request.
    1. Service: Select Machine.
      (Click image to enlarge it)
    2. Language: Select your desired language.
      (Click image to enlarge it)
    3. Feature: Select Alignment.
      (Click image to enlarge it)
  6. The Alignment-request options will now appear. Select the Upload txt button.
    (Click image to enlarge it)
  7. In the window that appears, select the + Select File button.
    (Click image to enlarge it)

    A pop-up window will prompt you to browse your computer to locate the file to upload. Once you have located your .txt file, select open.
    (Click image to enlarge it)
  8. Add a title for the file, and then select the Save button.
    Keep in mind: If you are unable to reach the save button, click the x on the right of the green "upload complete" banner to bring the save button into view.
    (Click image to enlarge it)

  9. Select the radio button for the text file that you just uploaded and wish to align to your video's captions. 
    Keep in mind: Only one text file may be selected, and the first file is automatically chosen for you so you must manually select the correct file to align to your captions.
    (Click image to enlarge it)

  10. Select the Submit button at the bottom of the page.
    (Click image to enlarge it)

After submission you will receive this message in a blue banner: "Your request has been received. Your video will automatically update upon completion."
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