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Enabling Early Alert in Your Canvas Course

The FSU Proactive Referral and Engagement (PRE) program supports students experiencing academic challenge. We help students improve their learning processes and outcomes.

When faculty and instructors submit referrals through PRE, it indicates that they care about student success and believe students will benefit from additional support. The PRE Coordinator and staff reach out personally to each referred student. We encourage students to schedule a session with an ACE study skills tutor, group tutor session, course-based tutor session, and/or a personal academic consultation. Study skills tutors or ACE faculty will attempt to address students’ general academic needs, and may also refer students to academic departments, tutoring resources, or other student services for more specialized help.

NOTE: To ensure full functionality of the Early Alert tool users must access Canvas via Accessing Canvas via can lead to issues when using Chrome or Safari browsers. 

How to enable the Early Alert Tool in your Canvas Course 

The Early Alert tool is not automatically enabled in courses, so before you access it for the first time you will need to click into your Canvas course and manually enable the item on your course's navigation menu. You will need to do this in every course where you wish to use the Early Alert Tool in. To enable it:

  1. Login to FSU's Canvas.
  2. Click into the course whose report you want to enable the tool in
  3. Select Settings, then select Navigation
  4. Find Early Alert at the bottom of the navigation items
  5. Click the vertical ellipsis and select +Enable
  6. Click Save

Using the Early Alert Tool

Please note:
If you encounter an error message that says "403 Forbidden", please log out of Canvas then log back in using this link.

Once you've enabled the Early Alert tool you can now use it to submit alerts to the Early Alert & PRE Specialist. 

  1. Click the Early Alert navigation item
  2. Select the checkbox(es) of the student(s) you'd like to submit alerts for
  3. Select Alert Reason from the dropdown menu for each student(s) and enter any comments/explanation needed. 
  4. Select OK when asked to confirm that you want to submit an alert for the selected student
  5. Any previously submitted Early Alerts will now be available to be seen at the top of the screen

After submitting a referral, you will receive a Campus Connect notification about the case being closed when the student has engaged with PRE staff to accept or decline services. Additionally a representative from the PRE staff may contact you to discuss updates and additional resources.

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