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Canvas Grade Distribution
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Can students view their grade distribution in a Canvas course? 

Yes! Instructors can allow students to view their grade distribution for assignments by deselecting the "Hide grade distribution graphs from students" option in their Course settings. Conversely, by selecting that same box, you can hide the grade distribution from students. 

This feature allows students to view their specific assignment grades in relation to other students in the course. However, it does not allow them to view another specific student's grades. On a given assignment, students can see the highest grade earned, the median grade, the lowest grade, and where theirs falls relative to those three criteria. 

Note: Hiding the grade distribution from students in smaller classes may be beneficial, as it otherwise increases the risk of exposing students to each other's grades. 

To enable this feature, follow these three easy steps below: 

1. Go to your course and select Settings on the left-hand navigation. 

2. Next, scroll down and ensure the box next to "Hide grade distribution graphs from students" is deselected. (You may need to select "More Options" to expand this feature list.)

3. Finally, select "Update Course Details.


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