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Instructors: How to enable Kaltura in your course

Kaltura Media is already installed and ready to use in every Canvas course via the Rich Content Editor. So is the My Media page, which you will easily find under the global Help menu in Canvas.

If you would like to put all of your videos into one organized menu item, you can enable Kaltura's "Course Media" page under your navigation settings. Also, if you would like to encourage your students to use Personal Capture instead of Canvas's easier-to-use Upload Media tool, you will want to enable the "My Media" link to your course so it's easier to find.

How to add My Media and Course Media to your course site:

  1. Navigate to your course in Canvas.
  2. Go to Settings:
  3. Select the Navigation tab:
  4. The list of enabled menu items appear at the top; the disabled menu items appear at the bottom. Scroll down until you find Course Media and My Media. Then, drag and drop both of them into the top list wherever you'd like.
  5. The top list should now have these two items in place:
  6. IMPORTANT: Scroll down to the bottom and press the Save button.
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  • 03-Feb-2021