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How to access past courses in Canvas

In Canvas, your old course sites may disappear from your dashboard and your current courses list at the end of the semester. This happens only once a course is completed, and you can rest assured that your course has not been deleted from the system. Rather, the course has been moved to "past enrollments" in order to keep your course list organized and to prevent confusion.

To access an old course:

  1. Log in to Canvas.
  2. Click the Courses tab on the garnet global navigation menu on the left of the screen.
  3. Click the All Courses link from the menu that appears.
  4. On the All Courses page, scroll down to Past Enrollments. From here, you can access a previous course by clicking on its hyper-linked course name.

Please note that Instructors will continue to have full access to old courses for up to a year after the course ended, while students will have read-only access to the course after it has ended. This prevents both students and instructors from making any additional changes to the site. Additionally, instructors are not able to enroll new users into the site. Though old course sites cannot be edited, instructors' ability to copy content from old courses into new course sites is not impacted by this read-only status. You can still import content from your "past enrollment" sites into your new sites.

Instructors: If there is anything that you have problems accessing, or if you want someone to have access to your old course site, please let us know and we can re-enable full editing access to your old site and/or enroll the requested user into it.

Students: If there is something that you wish to access, please request permission from your instructor to access old course content. If your instructor approves your request, then they will need to email us at [email protected] to have the site re-enabled.

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