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What is Kaltura?

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Kaltura lets you create and share an unlimited amount of videos and audio recordings in Canvas. Uploaded files are automatically converted into multiple formats for a seamless viewing experience. No plugins or special software is required to view videos, and you can easily insert them into course sites or even on the web.

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For assistance with using Kaltura in the classroom for your face-to-face classes, please contact Technology Enhanced Classrooms.

A note about Canvas's built-in Upload Media tool

Canvas has an awesome, built-in Upload Media tool that both you and your students can use. In fact, it's a superior workflow for managing student video assignments. But, there are several reasons why instructors may wish to stick with Kaltura for lecture content or other instructional recordings:

  • Kaltura allows up to 2gb upload file size, but Canvas only allows up to 500mb (1/4 the size).
  • Kaltura automatically captions your videos at a 75% accuracy level; you have to add captions on your own with Canvas. 
  • Kaltura streams to viewers' devices based on their screen size and internet connection; Canvas only renders the version you uploaded.
  • Kaltura allows you to record from your screen and webcam; Canvas only lets you record from your webcam or voice.
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  • 03-Feb-2021