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How to utilize public reporting (EvaluationKIT)

Step 1: Select the department or college you wish to search from. (If you do not know what department your course is in, please select the Tallahassee Main Campus level to search all of FSU)

Note: The more you filter your search, the less time will be taken to retrieve your results. We advise that you select a least one instructor AND class. You must select an area to search public records. 

Step 2: Filtering results by term can greatly help to reduce load times. If you wish to filter by term you must do so before selecting a course or instructor. Simply use the drop down menu from the “all terms” box to select the desired term or terms. 

Step 3: If you wish to search for an instructor use the All Instructors box to do so.  Use the Name box to search for the instructor records you wish to locate. After you have located the correct instructor name and selected the checkbox next to it, use the close button. You can then use the search button to retrieve a list of that professor’s classes or continue to the next step to refine your list further. 

Step 4: If you wish to search by course code, or narrow down your search from the previous step, use the All courses box to do so. To search by course code, use the left Code box, to search by Course title use the right Title box. After searching for and selecting the courses you wish to search for use the close button.  

If you wish to start a new search after completing one, please use the Reset Form button. This will help to prevent any selection errors.

Sample Search results:

  • 1042
  • 26-Jul-2018