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Add A Midterm Survey to your Canvas Course

These steps will help you add a ready-made midterm survey to your course. Three versions of the survey instrument are available:

  • one containing Likert-type items only
  • one containing open-ended essay-type items only
  • one containing both sets of items

You can easily import one or all of these surveys into your course -- even import them into several courses at once! To do so, follow the steps below.

How to Import the Survey into your Course

  1. Log into
  2. On the left-hand menu, select the Commons link:
    Image showing portion of Canvas main menu
  3. On the Canvas Commons page, look for the search box and type "FSU CAT" (without the quotation marks) and press enter. You should see the three surveys at the top of search results:
    Canvas Commons search box and links to surveys
  4. Select the desired survey and you will be taken to a page with detailed information about it. Check the boxes next to the course(s) into which you'd like to import the survey in the "Import into Canvas" list and click the Import into Course button:
    Import to course dialog box

The remaining steps (below) should be completed in each of the courses you've added the surveys to.

How to Customize the Survey within your Course

  1. Return to the course site in Canvas. After a few moments, the survey will appear in your course under the Quizzes link:
    Course Quizzes area
  2. Customize the survey as you would any quiz. Critical: confirm that the Keep Submissions Anonymous box remains checked!
    Be sure to edit the description to include your due date, and enter due and availability dates at the bottom of the survey settings screen. Optionally, you can give students credit for completing the survey if you like, and even edit the questions to fine-tune the survey for your course. Tip: If you make the survey graded with zero points, a gradebook column is created whereby you can track who has responded, but responses remain anonymous.

  3. When the survey is ready, be sure to Publish the survey and make it available to students. (Remember, if your Quizzes link is hidden, you can easily link directly to the survey from a module, page, or announcement.)
  4. Post an announcement or otherwise notify students about the survey.

Follow the instructions to retrieve anonymous survey responses after the survey due date. The section "View and filter statistics" describes the simplest way to view Likert responses, while "View student analysis report" explains how to download all results including responses to the essay-type questions.

Please return to the Commons page and rate the surveys after you've used them!

See more information on Evaluating Courses and Methods.

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