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Students: How to download a Turnitin digital receipt
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Please note: These directions are for Turnitin LTI assignments only. If your instructor used the new Turnitin Direct assignment option, then no digital receipt will be generated. In this case you will need to follow the same directions for checking to see if a regular Canvas assignment was submitted successfully to ensure that your Turnitin Direct submission was successful.

After submitting a Turnitin assignment, the best way to ensure the assignment was successfully uploaded and submitted is to download a digital receipt. We recommend that you do this after uploading any assignment in case there are any discrepancies later on.

Your digital receipt will include important information such as author, title, file size, page and word count, and time and date of submission.

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How to download your Turnitin digital receipt

After submitting your assignment:

  1. Make sure you are in the course which contains the assignment.
  2. Use the course navigation menu to navigate to the Assignment's location, whether it be in Assignments or Modules.
  3. Click on the assignment title.
  4. Click on the blue page icon to the right of your paper submission title
  5. After you have clicked this icon, the Turnitin submission receipt will automatically download to your computer as a .pdf file. (For most computer settings, downloaded items save to the Downloads folder on your computer)


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