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Known Issue: Turnitin "Post Date" Error
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This error only impacts the old Turnitin LTI integration. If you use the Turnitin Direct integration when creating Turnitin assignments, you will not experience this error.

When creating a Turnitin assignment, you may get an error that reads: "Turnitin assignment could not be created. date_post - post date must be after start date," as shown below. This is due to a disconnect between the Canvas due date and the Turnitin due date.



To correct this error:

  1. Edit the Canvas Assignment Settings

  2. Scroll down to the Assign section and remove the Canvas due date
  3. Save this page, which will take you back to the Assignment overview screen. Click on Edit for the Turnitin settings
  4. Alter this due date to the desired due date and press submit.
  5. Go back into the Canvas Assignment Settings and reenter the proper due date;  save these changes. 


You should no longer see the error as Canvas and Turnitin are now reconnected. If you are unable to alter the due date, you will need to make the changes at Please follow the instructions in Instructors: How to Access Your Turnitin Account for the First Time in order to do so.

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