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How to delete HTML syllabus "Grading Scheme" block

  1. Click into your Canvas course site.
  2. Select Syllabus on your course navigation menu.
  3. Click the Edit button in the upper right of the page.
  4. Launch Design Tools by clicking the rocket ship icon in the upper-right corner (this icon appears any where you can click edit and use the rich content editor).
    Quick tip: You may also use the keyboard shortcut: Alt + Shift + D
  5. On the Design Tools menu that appears, select Create/Edit Syllabus Content.
  6. Select Add/Rearrange Syllabus Blocks.
  7. Locate the "Grading Scheme" item on the Design Tools menu. Click the red "x" icon to delete the Grading Scheme block.
  8. Click the garnet Update Syllabus button located just below the Rich Content Editor to save this change.
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  • 08-May-2024