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Instructors: How do I grade Turnitin assignments in Speedgrader?

Canvas makes a copy of student submissions to Turnitin and displays them in the SpeedGrader for the assignment in question. It also displays originality reports and similarity indexes on the displayed documents.

How to grade Turnitin submissions via Speedgrader

 A. Open SpeedGrader

  1. Click into your course site.
  2. Select Assignments on the course navigation menu.
  3. Locate your Turnitin assignment on the Assignments page, and then click on the Turnitin assignment's name.
  4. On the Turnitin Assignment's page, select the SpeedGrader button on the right of the screen.

B. Open Student Submission

The upper right of the SpeedGrader contains a full list of students in the course. Locate the student whose submission you would like to grade and click on their name.

C. View Submission

SpeedGrader displays the following:

  1. Information regarding when the student made their submission and the last time they viewed it. If you have enabled multiple submissions and a student has uploaded several versions, there will be a drop box where the different submissions can be selected.
  2. The originality report for the submitted document.
  3. The actual text of the student submission.

D. View Originality Report

Turnitin produces a color-coded index when it completes an originality report. The percentage indicates how much of the assignment matches sources from Turnitin's database. The colors represent the following percentages:

  • Blue (0%)
  • Green: 1–24%
  • Yellow: 25–49%
  • Orange: 50–74%
  • Red: 75–100%

Turnitin's settings permit you to view which specific portions of text have been matched to external sources. You can do so by clicking the similarity score icon (in the red box in the image above), which will take you to Turnitin's Feedback Studio. The view of the submission itself will look similar to the one in SpeedGrader. To view the specific in-text flags for similar content, press the button displaying the originality score (red button enclosed in blue box).

This will highlight areas of text judged by Turnitin's systems to be similar to other sources and provide a list of likely sources for the matching content.

The color of the individual sources matches with the color of highlighting for easy readability.

Back in the SpeedGrader, you can use the Assessment field to assign a score to the submission, and additionally assign comments, attachments, or media to that particular submission. If you added a rubric to the Grade, you can also click View Rubric to assign scores according to that rubric's criteria.

E. View Turnitin Error

Turnitin may display an error message in SpeedGrader if it has trouble processing a submission normally. Click the ! button to display the full message and click the Resubmit button to attempt another submission on the student's behalf.

You can also download the submission. Submissions to Turnitin may take up to 24 hours to process. If further issues persist, contact FSU's ODL Technical Support.

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