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Instructors: How to retrieve your Canvas preferred email for a Turnitin account

Your Canvas account utilizes a preferred email to send notifications to and associate with the rest of Florida State's IT resources. In particular, you will need to know your preferred Canvas email if you want to login to directly.

You do not need to login to Turnitin directly in order to use Turnitin within your Canvas courses, but being able to do so may be helpful if you need to resubmit a paper on your students' behalf.

Looking up your Canvas email

  1. Login to your Canvas account.
  2. On the global navigation menu on the left, select Account.
  3. Another pop-up menu will appear with your profile picture and first name displayed. Click the Settings option.
  4. On the Settings page for your Canvas profile, the menu for managing your emails will be in the upper right of the screen.

    The starred email (in this example, "[email protected]") is the one that Canvas has listed as your default email. This will be the one that you will use when logging into Turnitin directly.
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  • 16-Apr-2019