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[NEW TURNITIN DIRECT]: Canvas Turnitin Direct Overview

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You may have noticed your course has access to a new Turnitin Direct integration! Turnitin is a top-ranked plagiarism deterrent service that integrates with Canvas. When students submit their assignments to Turnitin, similarity reports show which portions may have been improperly cited or plagiarized.

How is Turnitin Direct different from the old Turnitin LTI integration?

  • More Streamlined experience
    The Turnitin Direct Integration offers a more streamlined integration with regular Canvas assignments so you no longer have to search for an external tool when creating a Turnitin Direct assignment. Refer to Instructors: How to create a Turnitin assignment. Similarly, you will not need to go to the "Assignment Inbox" to grade papers.
  • Easier to use Canvas rubrics for grading
    With Turnitin Direct not being an external tool, it is now easier to attach Canvas rubrics to a Turnitin assignment. You can do this the same way you would if you weren't using Turnitin. See Can I use rubrics in Canvas? for more information.
  • All grading is done within Canvas: No grade sync necessary!
    Instead of navigating to the "Assignment Inbox" and using Turnitin's Feedback Studio, you will now do all your grading in Canvas's SpeedGrader. You'll still have access to originality reports in SpeedGrader, and you can still use annotation tools to markup your students' papers in SpeedGrader. See Instructors: How to view originality reports for more information.
  • Can retroactively enable Turnitin Direct for an assignment and get an originality report for students' submitted work!
    If you forgot to make your assignment a Turnitin assignment and only realize this once students have started submitting papers - no worries! You can still have your students papers processed by Turnitin's plagiarism check. Learn more in our My students have already submitted their papers - can I still have them checked for plagiarism by Turnitin? support article.
  • Can be used with group assignments
    If you want to check your students' group assignments for plagiarism, now you can!

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