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Best Practices for Instructor Video Production

Are you adding media to your course? The Office of Distance Learning has developed a six-part tutorial series to help you produce quality video for your courses. We’ve got tips to simplify the video editing process, using both iMovie and Windows Movie Maker software. Learn how to transfer video footage to your computer, upload and cut footage, add transitions between shots, add text to your video, and export your final course video.

For assistance, contact Media Production Administrator D.D. Garbarino at [email protected]. For information on additional ways the ODL media team can meet your needs, visit our Media Production Services page.

Best Practices for Online Course Videos

Transferring Video Footage to Your Computer

Uploading and Cutting Footage (iMovie)

Uploading and Cutting Footage (Windows Movie Maker)

Adding Transitions between Shots (iMovie)

Adding Transitions between Shots (Windows Movie Maker)

Adding Text to Your Video (iMovie)

Adding Text to Your Video (Windows Movie Maker)

Exporting Your Course Video (iMovie)

Exporting Your Course Video (Windows Movie Maker)

Once you’ve exported your video, you can upload it to Kaltura via My Media.

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