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Increase Student Response Rates for End-of-Course Evaluations: Using the Response Rate Tracker

Wondering how to increase end-of-course evaluation response rates without compromising student anonymity? Consider giving the entire class extra credit if the response rate reaches a certain percentage, such as 70%. Then challenge your students to reach that goal! Use the Watermark Course Evaluations & Surveys (CES) Response Rate Tracker to monitor the rate of student responses during the course evaluation window. Rates are captured in real time, and when the goal is met, you can all celebrate the accomplishment.

How to access the Response Rate Tracker in your evaluation dashboard

  1. Select the Account icon in the global navigation menu (usually garnet).
  2. Select Profile from the account options that appear.
  3. Select Course Evaluations to view your course evaluations dashboard.
  4. Check response rates across all courses.
    • On your CES dashboard, you will see a progress bar that indicates the overall response rate by semester, a count of the responses submitted out of the total possible, and a chart showing daily responses.
    • Hovering anywhere over the Daily Responses chart will display the response total by individual day.
  5. Select the semester name to view response rates for individual courses.
  6. Scroll to a course to see its response rate along with other details such as the number of responders who opted out.

The response rate progress notifications merely provide a static snapshot of your response rates at the time the notification is sent. Instead, the Response Rate Tracker monitoring tool provides up-to-date progress that you can quickly share with your students.

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  • 04-Apr-2022