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Canvas Content Management FAQs


  1. Help! What can I do with my Canvas site?
  2. How do I organize my course content?
  3. Can I edit or customize the course menu in my Canvas site?
  4. Can I customize my course site in Canvas?
  5. How do I add a syllabus to my site?
  6. I want to make certain items available after a particular date. Can I do this in Canvas?
  7. I like to use adaptive release settings. Can I do this in Canvas?
  8. How do I upload video files to Kaltura?
  9. How do I add YouTube videos in Canvas?
  10. How do I add captions to uploaded videos in Canvas as an instructor?
  11. I'm an online instructor - how do I hold office hours with my distance students? What web-conferencing options are available? 
  12. What file types are compatible with Canvas?
  13. How do I view / download documents in Canvas
  14. Can I use rubrics in Canvas?
  15. How do I copy content from an old Canvas course site or a Canvas development site into my new Canvas site for this semester?
  16. How do I copy a single Content Page from one course to another in Canvas?
  17. Can I easily reuse directions across several graded items within a single course in Canvas?
  18. How do I hide a Module and its content from every area of my Canvas course?
  19. How do I lower my video's file size?
  20. How to post content to my Canvas course site?
  21. How do I publish my Canvas site and the content in it?
  22. How do I get a Canvas dev site?
  23. What is Canvas Commons and how do I use it?
  24. What is Canvas's new Rich Content Editor like? How do I use it?
  25. I'm an online instructor - how do I hold office hours with my distance students?
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  • 06-May-2020