Canvas Workshop and Appointment Registration

Canvas Workshop Series

We have developed a workshop and webinar series to help instructors make the best use of what Canvas has to offer. Training will cover best practices and overarching strategies. The sessions below will help you understand how to use the Canvas LMS tools.

  • Orientation
  • Course Design Using Modules
  • Communication Tools
  • Assignments, Rubrics, and Grades
  • Testing and Assessment
  • Universal Design and Accessibility
  • Introduction to Design Tools
  • DIY Media

Register for In-Person Sessions

The in-person workshops will be held at the Office of Distance Learning's Faculty Development Lab (University Center C, Suite 3500).

Register for Webinar Sessions

Webinars are offered using Collaborate, a web conferencing tool. You can also view previous recordings of the webinars listed above in the online Canvas Instructor Training Course. Inside the course, click Bb Collaborate from the main menu, then click the dashed lines to reveal the Collaborate menu. Select Recordings and set the date range to begin May 1, 2017, to see all recordings.


One-on-One Consultations

We currently offer two types of in-person, one-on-one support:

Media Consultations

Work with the ODL Media Team to develop lecture videos or use the One Button Studio or Kaltura to develop your own.

One-on-One Technical Assistance Appointments

If you need a general introduction to Canvas or any of its components, please consider attending one of the in-person workshops/webinars. If you are seeking in-depth technical assistance with a particular Canvas challenge, this one-on-one 60-minute consultation will provide you with the help you need.

Register for One-on-One Consultations 


Departmental Training

To reserve a training session at your department, please contact John Braswell at or 850-645-0469.


Self-Paced Online Training

Canvas Student Orientation Course

If you are a student, we have a Student Orientation course that you can take to get familiar with Canvas. Having trouble accessing the course? Register here.

Canvas Instructor Training Course

All instructors are enrolled in a Canvas Instructor Training Course inside the Canvas interface. This course will introduce you to Canvas, guide you through building your course, and demonstrate how to teach out of it effectively. Having trouble accessing the course? Register here.

Instructor Video Tutorials

You can peruse Canvas's list of video tutorials on the Canvas Instructor Guide webpage.

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