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How do I cross-list a section in my course?

Cross-listing is Canvas’ way of combining multiple sections into one course site. This is great for instructors who want to teach all of their sections using one site. This feature also allows or restricts students from viewing and accessing materials assigned to other sections of the course, to an extent.

A few important points to keep in mind:

  • You should understand this not as a course merge but more of a parent-child relationship. Child sections are cross-listed to a parent section which hosts all of the content and grades of the course. E.g., if you are teaching sections 0001 and 0002 and you want the overall course to be hosted in the 0001 site, then you will be cross-listing the 0002 child course into the parent 0001 course site.
  • Section names do not change when they are cross-listed. The section is just moved to the parent course site and inherits parent course site's name. 
  • Sections can only reside in one site at a time. So, you can't enroll students in a lab site AND a combined site.
  • You should only cross-list BEFORE students do any work. Otherwise, cross-listed students will lose access to their assignment submissions and grades since these are stored in their original course site. We suggest doing this at the beginning of the semester prior to publishing your course to students.
  • The course prefix and number do not have to match - for example, you can cross-list a graduate section with an undergraduate section if you would like to!

To remain FERPA compliant:

  • Disable People on your course navigation menu. If you do not disable this option, students will be able to see the entire course roster for all sections in your cross-listed course.
  • If you decide to use Canvas Discussions, create separate groups for each section of students and assign each discussion to the separate groups. Or, create multiple almost identical discussion topics and assign each one to only one section of students.
  • When sending messages through Canvas Conversations (Inbox), always opt to “Send Individual Messages” so that a group reply is not possible.
  • If you share student information, or cause student information to be shared within a course or section(s), make sure that no student within the course or section has invoked a FERPA hold on all of their directory and non directory information.

If you make a mistake and need to de-cross-list your sections, please contact ODL Technical Support and we will help you undo the cross-listing.

How to cross-list:

  1. Click into the child course (the course section that will be "rolled into" the parent course).
  2. Open Settings under the course menu.
  3. In the Sections tab, click on the section you wish to cross-list.

  4. On the top-right side of the screen, press the Cross-List this Section button.

  5. We recommend using the Search for Course method when entering the Course ID. If you enter the Course ID (ex: ENC1000-0001.fa17) into the Or Enter the Course's ID option, you will receive a message that the "Course ID is not authorized for cross-listing".

  6. This message will appear when you have successfully cross-listed your section!

For more help with cross-listing, refer to the Canvas Community articles below by Instructure:

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