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How to share or give away media ownership in Kaltura
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Kaltura's Collaboration tab allows three options: Change Media Owner, Add Co-editing, and Add Co-publishing. After uploading a video, you can give one or several other people the ability to edit the video (Co-editing). You can also grant certain individuals the ability to publish the video on other course sites (Co-publishing). Or, if you would like to give up ownership of a video, you can now do so with the Change Media Owner option.

You can also this video tutorial from Kaltura Support:

Changing media ownership for a Kaltura video

  1. Go to My Media
  2. Scroll through your media library until you find the video for which you would like to add other users. Click the video's title.

  3. Click the Actions button located just below the video and to the right of the screen.

  4. Select the Edit option from the drop-down menu that appears. This will open all the different editing options that Kaltura allows for videos.

  5. Select the Collaboration tab. This will take you to a menu where you can edit publishing and editing permissions.

  6. From here, you will be able to Change media owner to change who owns the video or media. The Media Owner has ultimate power over who has permission to use and edit the video. Note that switching the media owner to another user will remove your own ownership privileges. The Add Collaborator option will allow you to give other users publishing and/or editing rights for the video in question. Note: Both of these options will need you to provide a username for your new Collaborator. Use their FSUID (e.g. abc12a) for this field.

  7. Select Add or Save to apply the changes.

Once you have added another user as a collaborator, send them our guide detailing how to edit or publish your media.

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