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How to add another email address to your Canvas account

Adding another email address to your Canvas account is crucial if you forward your FSU emails to another address, such as an address or a personal account like an address. These email addresses MUST be added to your Canvas account in order for you to successfully reply to a Canvas email notification using that email account. If you do not do this, your reply won't actually send.

If you wish to use Zoom in your Canvas course, then your Canvas preferred email address and your official FSU Zoom account's email address MUST match otherwise you will receive an error message. Following the steps in this article will help you to resolve this error message when you try to access Zoom within your Canvas course.

  1. Log in to Canvas.
  2. Select the Account icon on the garnet global navigation menu on the left.
  3. Select Settings from the account options that appear.
  4. On the right-hand side of the settings page, select the +Email Address link under the "Ways to Contact" heading.
  5. Type the email address that you want to add into the text field and then click the garnet Register Email button. Canvas will send a confirmation link to the email address that you just added.
  6. Log in to the email account that you just added to Canvas (e.g., an address) and click the link in the confirmation email to finish registering this additional address. Keep in mind, you may need to check your junk email folder if you do not see the Canvas confirmation email in your inbox.

    If you need Canvas to resend the confirmation link, follow steps 1 -3 above to navigate back to your account email settings. Then, click the Re-Send Confirmation link for this additional (e.g., email address.
  7. If you are adding your FSU Zoom email address to your Canvas account, then you will also need to select the star icon next to your Zoom email address to make it your preferred address in your Canvas account. You can still receive notifications to the other emails listed in your Canvas account, and can adjust your notification settings as needed. However, in order to access Zoom in your Canvas courses you will need to keep your FSU Zoom email address starred as your primary email address.
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  • 23-Apr-2024