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How to import the default Home page into your course from Commons

To import the default ODL Home page into your course from Canvas Commons, follow the steps below:

  1. Click Commons on the garnet-colored global navigation menu on the left.

  2. To view only FSU resources, click the toggle button to uncheck the Show Public Resources option.

  3. Type Home in the search field
  4. Click the ODL Basic Home Page link

  5. In the course selection window on the right, all Canvas courses that you have access to are listed. You can either search for a course using the search field or use the scroll bar to select a course to import the home page into.
  6. In the example shown here, Dev Site 2 is selected.
  7. The Import into Course button will turn Green when a course(s) is selected. Click the button to import the home page into the course (Dev Site 2 in this example).
  8. An import status/success message will be displayed. 

    Caution: Selecting All in the selection window will import the Home page (or any Canvas Commons resource) into all the courses that you have access to in Canvas. Do NOT use this option unless you are absolutely sure that you want the Commons resource imported intoall courses in Canvas.

Now, navigate to the Canvas course into which you imported the Home page.

  1. Click Pages in the course navigation menu
  2. Click View All Pages

    The imported Home page will show up in the list of pages in the course.
  3. Click the Gear icon next to the Home page. 
  4. Select Use as Front Page from the drop-down menu.

The Front Page label next to Home page indicates that the imported Home page from Canvas Commons is now set as the course landing page. 

  1. Depending on how the course home button is set up, click on either the Home button in the course navigation menu or the course Title to view the imported Home page. 

You have successfully imported the ODL Basic Home page from Canvas Commons into your course. 

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