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Annotate PRO Overview

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Annotate PRO from 11Trees is a browser plug-in for Google Chrome that allows users to store ready-to-use comments for use as annotations on student work. Annotate PRO permits instructors to use either comments from pre-made libraries, or develop and store their own for future use. It also collects analytics on how own particular comments are used with student work, and presents that data in an easy-to-understand format on its website.

The free version of Annotate PRO offers you the ability to annotate sites and documents as well as store your comments in a library. More advanced versions have additional features but require a monthly subscription. Annotate PRO is not a Canvas integration in a strict sense of the term, and can be downloaded from the Google Chrome Web Store.

Why use it?

  • Annotate PRO can save you time when you're grading student work by allowing you to rapidly apply comments you use frequently to student work at the click of a button.
  • The plug-in can also assist you in identifying common issues with student work with the analytics it provides, and this can allow you to alter lesson plans and coursework accordingly.

Keep in mind

  • Annotate PRO only runs on Google Chrome as a browser extension. It is not available for other major browsers like Mozilla Firefox or Safari.
  • The plug-in will work with Canvas' SpeedGrader, but you will need to utilize it in conjunction with the Highlight Annotation tool in order to be able to make annotations on student submissions.
    Close up of annotations bar in SpeedGrader with Highlight Annotations selected
    Once you activate that function, you will be able to insert Annotate PRO's pre-made comments into SpeedGrader annotations by highlighting text and clicking the appropriate comment in the PRO menu.
  • Annotate PRO's free version contains the basic feature set, but access to analytics, pre-made libraries of comments, and other features. will require a monthly subscription. Pricing plans can be found on the 11Trees website.

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