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External Apps Supported in FSU's Canvas

FSU supports the use of a variety of external applications that enhance both the teaching and learning experience. There are a few different ways you and your students can access external tools in your course site. Find out more below about how these applications function, where you need to go to view these apps, and how they can be installed in your course.

External Apps: What's their Function?

A quick breakdown of the ways that the most popular external apps we support function:

Accessibility Tools

Bb Ally can help you ensure that your course content is accessible to all users, including checking your Microsoft Word documents and PDF files and making recommendations to make your course files more accessible. CiDi Labs Design Tools can help you to create accessible content within Canvas, but is much more limited than Bb Ally. Bb Ally is solely focused on accessibility, whereas Design Tools is focused on page design and incorporates accessibility into Canvas page design at the same time.

Course Design Tools

CiDi Labs Design Tools can help you to improve both the design and accessibility of your Canvas course. You can even create a great course syllabus that will automatically update the institutional policies for you each semester!

In-Class Polling

iClicker is our most popular polling tool at FSU with two different product options available to meet your needs: iClicker Classic and iClicker Cloud. You can also use Top Hat in some similar ways to administer class attendance, quizzes, and more from your students' smartphones.

Video Hosting

Kaltura is the ideal tool to use because it allows you to create and share an unlimited amount of video and audio recordings in Canvas. Added bonus: Kaltura captions your media items automatically, giving your students closed captions and transcripts for the videos you create.

Plagiarism Checking

Turnitin is a top-ranked plagiarism deterrent service that integrates with Canvas so you can ensure that you students are submitting their own work and citing their sources appropriately.

Web Conferencing

Zoom Web-conferencing is robust and offers you and your students many options for synchronous interaction. Canvas's built-in web-conferencing tool, Canvas Conferences, is also available for use but will not allow you to retain a recording of your conference for more than 14 days and does not allow you to easily invite non-FSU users to a conferencing session.

Keep reading to see all the external apps we support using!

External Apps integrated with FSU's Canvas

Pre-installed Integrations

Pre-installed Integrations
App Function
Turnitin LTI (old) and Turnitin Direct (new) Plagiarism Checking
WebAssign Instructional Materials/Assessments
Cengage Instructional Materials/Assessments
Kaltura Media Hosting
Pearson Instructional Materials/Assessments
McGraw-Hill Education Instructional Materials/Assessments
iClicker Classic and iClicker Cloud In-Class Polling
Annoto Instructional Materials
Squarecap In-Class Polling
FSU Library Tools Instructional Material
BookShelf® by VitalSource Instructional Material
Canvas Conferences Web-Conferencing
Office 365 Free Software for FSU users
Design Tools Course Design & Accessibility
FSU Career Portolio integration Assignment
W.W. Norton Instructional Materials/Assessments
TurningPoint In-Class Polling
Piazza Online Discussion Tool
Top Hat In-Class Polling
Labster Virtual Science Lab Tool
RedShelf Online Textbooks
WileyPLUS Instructional Materials/Assessments
Lumen Learning Math Assessments
zyBooks Instructional Materials/Assessments
Zoom Web-conferencing Web-Conferencing
Honorlock Remote proctoring
Playposit Instructional Materials
Hypothesis Instructional Materials
  • Integration initiated directly from service provider's website

Integrations Requiring Approval

Integrations Requiring Approval
App Function
ExamSoft Instructional Materials/Assessments

External Apps that can be used without an integration

Don't see what you're looking for here? Check out the Canvas App Center in your course as well as our External Apps (Third-party tools) in Canvas: Policy, Procedure, and Support resource.

How do I find the apps already installed in my course?

These apps have already been installed on your course site, and simply need to be enabled in your course Navigation menu:

   Note: Kaltura can be found in Course Media/My Media


Create links to External Tools in Modules or as a “Submission Type” for  Assignments:


 How do I add an assignment using an external app?

 How do I add an external tool as a module item?

You may want to simply create a link for your students to access the app in your course. You can add an external tool as a module item for quick and easy access.

Requesting certain applications (tools)

These tools will require installation from ODL Technical Support. To request an application installation, complete the Canvas External App Request Form.

  • ExamSoft
  • Lumen Learning (My Open Math)

External App Support Specialists and Resources

Some tools may require additional support or setup outside of Canvas. If you need assistance, please see the following contact information for the respective external tool representative.

External App Guides Instructor Support Student Support
Turnitin LTI Overview(old) and Turnitin Direct Overview (new) Contact Turnitin Support Contact Turnitin Support
Annoto Video Collaboration Tool Overview Annoto Technical Support Customer Support Annoto Technical Support Customer Support
Canvas Pearson Overview Pearson Math & Science Bill Leonard Learning Technology Specialist - MyLab & Mastering (850) 212-3803 Pearson Support Center
Canvas Cengage Overview Cengage Technical Support Customer Support Phone: 800-354-9706 Cengage Technical Support Customer Support Phone: 800-354-9706
Canvas WebAssign Overview  **WebAssign Support Desk [email protected] WebAssign Student Support
Canvas McGraw-Hill Education Overview McGraw Hill Education Customer Experience Group  phone: (800) 331-5094    McGraw Hill Education Customer   Experience Group  phone: (800) 331-5094
iClicker Classic: Instructor Overview iClicker Cloud: Instructor Overview Contact Instructor Support iClicker Instructor Support Contact Student Support iClicker Student Support
TurningPoint Overview Turning Technologies Support phone: 1(866) 746-3015 Instructor User Guide    Turning Technologies Support phone: 1(866) 746-3015 Canvas Student Guide
Squarecap Overview Contact Instructor Support Squarecap Instructor Support Contact Student Support Squarecap Student Support
Top Hat Overview Top Hat Support  phone: (888) 663-5491    Top Hat Support  phone: (888) 663-5491
OER Commons Overview OER Commons Support OER Commons Help Center OER Commons Support OER Commons Help Center
W.W. Norton Overview W.W. Norton Support W.W. Norton Support Request W.W. Norton Support W.W. Norton Support Request
BookShelf® by VitalSource Overview BookShelf® Support BookShelf® Support Request BookShelf® Support BookShelf® Support Request
ExamSoft Overview ExamSoft Support 24/7 Customer Support ExamSoft Support 24/7 Customer Support
Piazza Overview Piazza Support Phone: 800-818-4124 [email protected] Piazza Support Phone: 800-818-4124 [email protected]
Labster Overview Labster Support Contact Labster Support Team for Teachers Labster Support Contact Labster Support Team for Students
RedShelf Overview RedShelf Support Instructor Support RedShelf Support Student Support
WileyPLUS Overview WileyPLUS Support Customer Support WileyPLUS Support Customer Support
Lumen Learning Overview Lumen Learning Support Customer Support Lumen Learning Support Customer Support
zyBooks Overview zyBooks Support Instructor Support zyBooks Support Student Support
Zoom Overview Zoom Support Please contact ODL Technical Support first for all issues with using Zoom in Canvas. For issues unrelated to using Zoom in Canvas, please contact FSU's ITS Service Desk. You can also submit tickets with Zoom Support directly if you wish. Zoom Support** Please contact ODL Technical Support
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