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Adjust Quiz and Gradebook settings for students testing off-campus

Some exams are administered in both the main campus Testing Center and by an off-campus proctoring facility. When this is the case, two versions of the Quiz (exam) are needed: one configured for on-campus testers and one configured for off-campus testers. Students testing with an off-campus proctor need to be assigned to an off-campus copy of the exam and excused from the original exam, otherwise the Canvas Gradebook will penalize them for not taking the original version.

Assign Students to the Off-Campus Quiz (Exam)

  1. Navigate to your course site.
  2. Select Quizzes on the course navigation menu and locate your Quiz (exam). You should see two versions of your Quiz: an original and an off-campus copy. The off-campus copy is automatically created on your behalf to accommodate students who need to access the exam at an off-campus proctored testing facility. The off-campus copy has the same title as the original but includes the words "Off Campus Testing" (see example below).

    If you do not see an off-campus version, contact ODL Technical Support for assistance. It's possible the copy has not yet been created (and needs to be), or you may not need a separate copy of your exam because all of your students test the same way (ie, all are testing on campus or all are testing off campus).
  3. Open the off-campus version to see the Quiz overview. It can be helpful to have the original and the duplicate side-by-side in different browser windows.
  4. In the off-campus version, remove “Everyone” from the Assign window and instead add the names of any student(s) who will take the off-campus version. If different availability dates are needed for the off-campus version, make sure to enter them. (Click image below to enlarge it)
  5. Select the Save button.
  6. You will get a pop-up warning stating that the off-campus version is not assigned to the entire class. Select the Continue button in the pop-up warning window.
    (Click image below to enlarge it)

Excuse Students from the Original Quiz (Exam)

  1. On the course navigation menu, select Grades.
  2. Find the row for your student and the column for the original version of the exam. You can use the search bar at the top of the page to isolate a single student's grade row.
  3. Select the grade cell.
  4. Excuse the student from this exam version by typing “ex” in the cell. Then, press Enter on your keyboard, or click on a different cell.
    (Click image below to enlarge it)
    Alternatively, if you want to avoid typing, click on the cell and select the arrow-surrounded-by-rectangle icon that appears in the right of the cell. In the panel that appears on the right of the screen, select the yellow excused radio button.
    (Click image below to enlarge it)

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