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How do I run an Item Analysis on my Canvas Assessment?

Canvas keeps track of lots of different analytics for you, so you have lots of options available when you are looking for statistical information about your classes. Please keep in mind that there are some limitations to Canvas's Item Analysis tool.  If you would like more information about item analysis, check out this Classic Quizzes Item Analysis. Or, follow the directions below to access the item analysis for a quiz or exam in your course:

  1. Navigate to your Canvas course.
  2. On the course navigation menu, click Quizzes.
  3. On the Quizzes page, locate the desired assessment item. Click on the the assessment title (e.g., click the "Quiz 1" title).
  4. On the quiz page that appears for this assessment item, click Quiz Statistics in the upper right corner.
  5. The Quiz Summary page will appear and you will see the average score, high score, low score, standard deviation, and average time that students spent taking the assessment. If you are teaching a cross-listed course (site containing more than one course section), you can filter your view of these statistics to get section-specific information.
  6. To get the item analysis, click the Item Analysis button in the upper right corner.
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  • 07-May-2024