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Tips for Instructors for a Better Canvas Experience
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  1. Be sure to access the Canvas Video Guides for quick help on specifics. Check out ODL’s Canvas Support Center for additional support articles.
  2. Set up your notifications, and also be sure to encourage your students to do this.
  3. Publish, publish, publish. You must publish pages, modules, assignments, quizzes, discussion items, and the course itself before it is ready for students to use. A green circle with a white checkmark indicates an item is published; a gray circle with a line through it indicates an unpublished item. Consult our article on course access for additional information on student access.
  4. Always use Student View when your course site is ready. This will show you exactly what students will see and what they won’t see when they access your course site.
  5. Avoid being a Canvas troubleshooter. Show the students the help menu in Canvas. Be sure they submit a ticket to ODL Technical Support when they have Canvas questions. 
  6. We suggest you and your students use Chrome or Firefox and not IE or Edge, even though they are on the Canvas supported browser list.
  7. Canvas discussion boards do not have the same forum features you may be used to. Learn how to set up a discussion board forum on a Canvas page as a workaround.
  8. Sign up for training to learn about Canvas quizzes, grading, and more!
  9. Subscribe to our opt-in mailing lists to stay up-to-date on all things Canvas and to help improve Canvas for our FSU community!
  10. Have a student finishing up an incomplete? Review this finishing incompletes in Canvas resource and submit the accompanying manual enrollment form to ensure your student has the course access they need to submit coursework.
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