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How to request an online delivery method for an existing course

Before you begin: Be sure you have approval from your college/department (curriculum chair, department chair, college curriculum committee, dean, etc.) to add an online delivery method to an existing course.

  1. Log in to the Curriculum Request Application (
    You will see this page; use the box labeled Search for Existing Curriculum to find the course in the system.

  2. In the search results, select the course number to continue.

  3.  Select the action Change on the Request History page.
  4. The next page will allow you to add or delete all Liberal Studies designations to a course. In most cases, this will not be relevant. Select Continue.
  5. Under Step 1, select the Course information link to continue.

    Fill in the requested information, and add any missing information that was not in the legacy system. Then select Save.

    • Be sure to type in the justification box that you are adding an online delivery method to this course.
    • Choose the effective term and year (what term you will begin offering the online delivery method).
    • A red * indicates the information is required.

  6. Under Step 2, select the button to Add a Delivery Method.
    Fill out the form:

    • Select Mostly Online or Fully Online.
    • Indicate the percentage of instruction that is synchronous and asynchronous (total must equal 100).
    • Indicate the Technology Delivery Indicator percentage (total must equal 100).
    • Complete Evaluation Criteria.
    • Upload the syllabus and acknowledge syllabus statement requirements.
    • Select Save.

    Note: You may have to upload a syllabus for the traditional method also if this is the first change to the course in the system. Or, you may delete the traditional method if it is no longer going to be offered face-to-face by selecting the Remove link.
  7. Under Step 3, you must provide a summary of your request (e.g., “Adding an online delivery method”). Select Add to add comments to the box.

  8. Reviewer Feedback: Send your request link to reviewers in your college/department if you would like feedback/approval. If you use this feature, you cannot move to Step 4 until you receive the feedback you need to submit for UCC approval.

    Note: You may log back in at any time to make edits before you submit in Step 4. Use the FAQ section on the Help page for more information about editing your curriculum requests before submission and when revisions have been requested.
  9. Under Step 4, check the box, indicating that you have completed the departmental notification and have the approvals you need to submit.
  10. Select Submit. From here, the request will go to the Faculty Senate UCC Committee chair for review. You will be notified via email when the course request has been approved and activated.
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