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How to make a curriculum change request
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Note: Before you request a curriculum change, please understanding the following:

  1. The Curriculum Request Application can be used as a review center during the curriculum request process. However, before you complete the LAST step in the process (certifying that all approval channels have been met and clicking SUBMIT) the curriculum request should meet all notification and approval requirements for your department/college. This is usually the department chair, the curricular chair, and the dean.
  2. You will be asked to provide information about the course, the delivery method, and the liberal studies designations (if applicable). You will also be asked to upload a sample course syllabus pdf. Please See Gathering Information for Curriculum Requests - A Checklist

You may also be asked to submit a sample grading rubric. Add the grading rubric to your syllabus save it all as a PDF.


Access the Curriculum Request Application (CRA) at You will be asked to login with your FSUID and password if you are not already logged in. You can also access the application from the Faculty Senate page and the Liberal Studies for the 21st Century website.


Begin here to submit a change request.


  1. Search for the existing curriculum information in the database. You must enter the course prefix and at least the first number and select submit
  2. Under Search Results, select the course number link to view the course history. 


You may also view curriculum information on each version currently in the database.


If a course has the status of “ACTIVE” or “ACTIVE FUTURE TERM” you may choose “Change” to begin a formal change request on that version of the course.

Note: Whatever version you choose to make a change to will be the BASE curriculum for all the changes you make. Be cautious about submitting changes to courses with multiple ACTIVE FUTURE TERM versions. Change requests approved for one version will not apply to other ACTIVE FUTURE TERM versions of the course, even if you change the effective date. It is also possible to accidentally overwrite curriculum changes if you are not careful when choosing the effective date.


Adding Liberal Studies or Upper-Division Competencies:

If the course does NOT have liberal studies or upper-division competencies, you will get a choice to add them after you click change. If you are making a change to add these designations to a course that does not currently have them, you must click the check box, THEN click continue.

Adding LS

If the course already has them, but you want to make changes you will not get this page - but one that asks you if you want to remove all designations.

Use this check box to REMOVE ALL designations from the course.

DO NOT check the box to remove them if you are making changes or additions to the designations. You will make changes, add, or remove designations in Step 1, below: Course Information Form.

Step 1 - Complete the Course Information Form

Note: The baseline data received from legacy system does not contain all the information currently required for a curriculum request. If this is the first change to a “baseline” course, please check the course information and delivery method forms carefully to fill in missing data. This is ESPECIALLY true with pre- and co-requisites. This form requires you use only the 3 letter prefix and four numbers, no spaces, separated by another with a comma. You may find pre/co-requisites listed under “miscellaneous requirements” and they will have to be transferred to the correct spot on the form. If you have other requirements, add them to "miscellaneous requirements."


Adding or Changing Liberal Studies or Upper-Division Competencies:

At the bottom of the course information form you will see check boxes for liberal studies and upper-division competencies.  Check the appropriate ones you want, then click Save.

Step 2 - Complete a Delivery Method Form

You will complete a delivery method form for each delivery method that will be used for the course. You will be asked to acknowledge the required/recommended syllabus statements and upload a pdf version of a sample syllabus associated with the delivery method. You may add additional delivery methods before proceeding to step 3.

After you have saved the Delivery Method Form, the Liberal studies forms you need (based on designations you have chosen in the course information form) will appear on your list for you to complete. 

Step 3- Provide Comments About the Change


Please briefly explain the changes you are requesting to the curriculum, or the revisions you have made to the request.


Pre-submittal Review Stage: You may now click on 'Reviewer Feedback' to send a message requesting feedback on your course request.

  • Follow the directions on the page to search the directory and choose the appropriate people in your approval chain.
  • An email will then be sent to each person you choose.
  • You may send additional review requests at any time before you certify and formally submit to the curriculum administrator that all approval channels have been followed.
  • If a reviewer misplaces the email link, do not send the reviewer another request, instead, ask the reviewer to simply log on and click 'Pending your review' on the main page to access a list of review requests. This 'Reviewer Feedback' link (which will access a list of reviewers and their feedback) will be available on your request page until formal submission has been completed.
  • You may print this page from your browser to share with others, but only you can see it. All comments made by reviewers during this process will be passed on with the request for the UCC or Liberal Studies administrator to view.

Formal Submission: Once the request has been through the proper chain of notification and approval, you may move on to Step 4.

Step 4- Acknowledge Departmental Notification

Check the box to certify you have followed the appropriate notification and approval channels for the new curriculum request.

Click Submit.

  • Faculty may continue to review your request by logging in and using the search box. (To search, type the prefix and at least one number.)
  • You will receive email notification when approved.
  • You will also receive email notification if a reviewer asks you to return to the portal to make revisions or edits and resubmit your request.
  • You may login to the application to view the status of your request on the main page under ‘My Curricular Requests.’
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