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Instructors: Add a Guest to your Course

Flipgrid can be an effective way to foster communication among your students using a multimedia approach. You can also facilitate guest speaker engagements within the Flipgrid environment, or allow students from other courses/programs to participate in discussions with your students. This article details your options for extending this guest access to your course Grid.

Add users with Google or Microsoft email accounts directly

You can include guest users by allowing users with a Google or Microsoft school email account to access your Grid. You can set your Grid to accept users from certain email domains (such as or and then send those users a special Flip Code link that they will then use to join your Grid. Those users will be asked to verify their email accounts, and then will have access to your course's Grid. Learn how to set up a Grid with specified school email domains.

Create and use a unique student ID

If you want to add users that do not have Google or Microsoft accounts, you can opt instead to generate custom student IDs for each user. Each individual ID can also have an individual QR code associated with it if you wish. Once you have created a unique ID for each user, you can then share a Flip Code with your students to invite them to your Grid. Once they use that code, they need only enter their custom ID to participate in your discussion. Learn how to set up a Grid with custom student IDs.

Make a publicly accessible Grid (view only)

If you want to provide the general public access to your Grid, you can opt to make your Grid accessible to any user with the appropriate Flip Code. Note that users who access your Grid in this way will only be able to view content on your Grid. They will not be able to participate actively unless they verify a Microsoft or Google email account. Learn more about making your Grid publicly accessible.

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