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How to Convert a classic Question Bank to a New Quizzes Item Bank
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Canvas currently does not have a way to migrate a Classic Quizzes Question Bank to a New Quizzes Item Bank, but this is a requested feature that Canvas Engineers are currently working on. We do not have a timeframe of when this feature will be released.

To begin the manual transfer process, we must first create a new Classic Quiz to import the Question Bank into.

  1. Navigate to your Quizzes page within your course and select +Quiz in the top right.
  2. Select Classic Quizzes, and then Submit on the bottom right.


If you need to reset your Quiz Engine choice at any time, you can do so by navigating to your Quizzes page, and by selecting the three dots on the top right. Finally, select Reset quiz engine choice.


  1. Open your Classic Quiz. The Title of this Classic Quiz will be applied as the Title of your Item Bank. It is recommended to create a descriptive Title here (ex. BIO1234-0001.sp22 Cell Division Quiz).
  2. Select the Questions tab, then select the Find Questions button.
  3. From the left-hand menu select the Question Bank you want to convert, press Select All on the right side, then select Add Questions.
  4. Select Save.
  5. Navigate to your course's Settings page and select Export Course Content.
  6. Select Quiz as the export type, then below that select the Classic Quiz we just created. Then, select Create Export.

  7. Once the export has completed, refresh the page (CTRL+R or CMD+R).
  8. Click on your QTI Export to download it (you do not need to open this file).
  9. Next, navigate to the Item Banks page from your Course Navigation bar. If you do not see it there, please follow these instructions to add it.
  10. Select +Bank on the top right.
  11. Give your Item Bank a temporary name. This name will be replaced with the name of the Classic Quiz after we import the QTI file into this Item Bank.
  12. You will now see your new Item Bank in the Item Banks page. You can use the 'Search' option to find it. Select your Item Bank to open it.
  13. After opening your bank, select the three dots on the top right of the page, and select Import Content.
  14. Next, you will need to select Browse in the window that appears. Locate and select the QTI export (.zip file) that we downloaded earlier, then select Open.
  15. Finally, select Import.

Your Item Bank is now setup and is ready to be used in New Quizzes.

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