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How can I randomize questions in my quiz?
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You can easily randomize the questions that your students are given on an exam. This is often accomplished by linking a Question Bank or an Item Bank. Question or Item Banks have a pool of questions which will randomly supply a quiz with a number of questions you specify. The specified number must be less than or equal to the Bank's total amount of questions.

In Classic Quizzes you will need to create a question group or link to a Question Bank. Questions will be shuffled among each individual group or bank.

In New Quizzes you can link to an Item Bank to shuffle among each individual bank or you can turn on a setting to shuffle all questions across the whole quiz.

Classic Quizzes:

In Classic Quizzes use a question group or link to a question bank. For detailed steps please see:

New Quizzes:

In New Quizzes link to an Item Bank or turn on the option to shuffle questions in the Settings tab. For detailed steps please see:

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