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How to delete a course curriculum

Instructors can access the Curriculum Request Application (CRA) from the following page:

Note: You will be asked to login with your FSUID and password if you are not already logged in.

You can also access the application from the Faculty Senate page and the Liberal Studies for the 21st Century website.

  1. From the Curriculum homepage, enter the course prefix and at least the first number from Search for Existing Curriculum information in the database. You must enter the course prefix and at least the first number and select submit

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  2. Under Search Results, select the course number link to view the course history.

  3. Select Inactivate to request that the course be deleted from the curriculum. You will then receive an email notification when your inactivation request has been approved. You may also login to the application to view the status of your request on the main page under My Curricular Requests.
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  • 07-Oct-2020