01/22/2018: New and improved Dashboard and Discussion Board features

FSU ODL Technical Support is pleased to debut two exciting changes to your Canvas Dashboard and Discussion Board experience!

Sortable Dashboard

You could already customize exactly which courses display on your Canvas Dashboard regardless of whether you are an instructor or student, but now you can take your customization further for an even more personalized experience. Rearranging the display order of your course cards on your Dashboard is simple and quick - just click-and-drag your course cards into the order you'd like!

Indented Discussion Replies

Now, threaded replies within Canvas Discussions are indented. We think that this new feature will make Canvas Discussions more user friendly for both students and instructors because the indented replies make it easier to see which post a user has replied to. Here is an example of what this will look like:

If you would like to provide feedback about these new features, please contact us.

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  • 22-Jan-2018