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What is a PASS Leader?

The PASS Leader role in Canvas courses is intended for use by the Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) program offered by FSU's Academic Center for Excellence (ACE). PASS, also known as Supplemental Instruction (SI), is a program at FSU that implements frequent group study sessions focused on the most difficult content of the course. At the ACE Learning Studio, the PASS program provides undergraduate students the unique opportunity to voluntarily meet two times per week for group sessions led by a trained undergraduate student known as the “PASS Leader” who is knowledgeable about the subject matter.

PASS was designed to increase retention and improve student performance. Students who attend PASS, on average, score higher on tests and on final course grades than students who do not attend PASS. For a full schedule of PASS supported courses please visit the ACE website.

Contact for the PASS program:
Marisa Agama, Ph. D.
Faculty, Academic Center for Excellence
[email protected]

What the PASS Leader role can do in a Canvas course site

The PASS Leader role can do the following:

  • View course materials
  • Add/edit/delete announcements from both the Announcements page and from the course Homepage.
  • Moderate Discussions: Edit/delete/close for comments discussions created by themselves and others (teachers, for instance). PASS Leaders cannot reply/post to Discussion items that they themselves did not create - they can only edit them.
  • Use the Canvas inbox to send/receive conversation messages to/from class members

PASS Leaders do not have access to any student information. They cannot access the Gradebook and cannot access exam questions or answers.

If you have concerns about a PASS Leader having this role in your Canvas course site, you can opt to add them as "observers" instead of "PASS Leaders" so that they can view the course material like all other students. The "observer" role will not allow them to post announcements to your course. Instead, you can post PASS announcements yourself and you can allow the PASS Leader to make live announcements during class time and pass out flyers.

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