07/17/2019: Feature Update to Canvas's New Gradebook

Canvas' latest update to the New Gradebook has expanded the "mute" feature for graded assignments into a new "hide grades" feature and "grade posting policy" feature. This allows you greater control over when students can view their grades for assignments.

If you see an orange eye icon in a Gradebook column, this means that the column's grades are not visible to your students. To make them visible, you will need to manually post (unhide) the assignment grades to release them to students.

If your students are reporting that they are unable to view their grades and you do not see the orange eye icon, we recommend hiding the grades for the individual assignment and then manually posting (unhiding) the assignment grades to override any previous "mute" settings. If this does not reveal the grade information to your students, please contact ODL Technical Support for assistance.

How do I mimic the "mute" feature?

To mimic the mute feature, you can simply hide grades for an individual assignment and then manually post (unhide) the assignment grades to release them to students. If you wish, you can choose to only hide grades from a specific course section in your course site. When you manually post the assignment grades, you can choose to reveal them to specific course section(s) in your course, all students regardless of their course section, or only reveal grades for students who have a grade value entered into the Gradebook column for the assignment.

What does the grade posting policy feature do?

The grade posting policy feature expands your options for hiding and revealing grades. You can set up grade posting policies for individual assignments or apply a grade posting policy to all assignments in your course, depending on your preference. This is more complex than just hiding and revealing grades. If you wish to use these options, we recommend setting them up at the start of your course for the smoothest experience. We are currently developing additional resources to advise best practices for using the grade posting policy feature. Again, because the Summer term is well underway, we do not recommend using the grade posting policy feature at this time.

Keep in mind:

  • By default, your assignments are set to automatically make grades visible to your students as soon as you enter them into the Gradebook. Hiding assignment grades and using a grade posting policy are optional.
  • Students will not be able to see their quiz responses while quiz grades are hidden.
  • Using the grade posting policy for an individual assignment, rather than simply hiding the grades, will require a little more planning and is not recommended at this time.

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